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There is no magic formula to making a good party game but there are some formulas that get repeated time and time again. Classic game mechanics often get a fresh coat of paint on a new game design and why not? They work. I know it seems snobby but I have often looked past games simply because they are too familiar to me or to consider them worth my time. However, when I do end up playing these games I inevitably find myself laughing and cheering along.

Poppy Head poopyhead board game

Poopyhead… yeah.. that’s really a thing

Poopyhead is a game where the title says it all. In real time players try to empty their hand. They do this by playing one of four cards in the order of toilet, poo, toilet paper, and washing hands making sure no card repeats the last card or even the same colour.

Once a person has emptied their hand that person hits the whoopee cushion. The person with the most cards left in hand is the loser and needs to put a poo on their head. A fake one of course. At the end of the game, the person with the fewest poos on their heads wins. Not highly intellectual by any means, but for young players, the real-time action, pattern recognition, and silliness will keep them entertained as well as stimulate a few brain cells.

Watch Ya Mouth family party game

Watch Ya Mouth, see your friends gums

Watch Ya Mouth employs a rather peculiar oral device that widens your mouth to almost Pythonesque proportions. With no ability to use your lips to form words you are expected to articulate phrases and terms to a partner and have them guess what you are saying.

It is ridiculous and unsightly. So perfect for younger audiences and rather silly adults. It does work as a crazy party game, but you will most likely employ this for family games night.

The next two are for the more adult among you.

what do you meme party game

What Do You Meme? …. Yeah, another one of those types of games

What do you Meme is pop culture meets Cards Against Humanity. You use the included easel to display a well-known meme, and everybody else selects possible text to go with that meme.

The fun in this game is found in the surprising and oft times ridiculous combinations that are made. People I know who love Cards Against Humanity will usually ignore the scoring element and play it as a social activity. I can imagine What Do You Meme being used in the same way.

gutterhead board game

Gutterhead, yeah there’s a game called Gutterhead

Gutterhead is a game that takes Pictionary and makes if for adults. It is not exclusively the mature content that will make people laugh and have fun it is the complexity of trying to represent these things pictorially. This is in no way an easy task. Trying to communicate ideas in a way that most people are not skilled at doing is the fun of Pictionary and this game capitalises on that as well.

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