Dice Hospital – TL;DR Review

Dice Hospital sees players taking on the roles of hospital personnel (each with special abilities). Draft dice (patients), add them to your hospital, heal them via a simple dice number mechanic.

As board games go this one is a must check out, a lot of light to mid-weight fun for 1-4 players. Great for veteran gamers and newcomers alike.

dicr hospital tldr board game review

Here it is in all its glory Dice Hospital from Alley Cat Games

Dice Hospital


Game Rating



  • Easy to Learn / Play
  • Great Quality
  • Simultaneous Play! (If you want)


  • Better with Deluxe Add-Ons

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  1. It is a good game to see!

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  2. I want this game big bad. But I too want to gain the special emergency vehicle models what the dice will sit. It looks very good for playing. Thank you for this review which was short.

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