Luxor – TL;DR Review

Luxor from Queen Games is a board game that sees players hunting for treasure at the great temple of Luxor in Egypt. Using a mixture of hand-management, set collection and a cool modular board, Luxor has some clever gameplay mechanics, including beginning with only two adventurers and unlocking others as the game progresses. You can also change the board slightly during play, thus messing up other players turns (or them yours). You also have a hand of 5 cards, but you can only play cards from either side, leading to some great opportunities to think ahead if the cards you need are in the center of your hand.

Luxor board game TLDR review Queen Games

Luxor from Queen Games, a great little introductory game

A quick entry level game, Luxor captures the theme and plays really well. If you’re looking for a light / family game, be sure and check out Luxor from Queen Games. Great stuff.






  • Cool theme
  • Great Iconography
  • Easy to Learn / Teach / Play


  • May be too Simple for Some
  • Very Light

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