The River- TL;DR Review

The River is a light worker placement / tile placement game from Days of Wonder (a publisher known for only releasing one or so high-quality games per year). In it players are trying to create the best scoring river settlement, by collecting resources, building up land types and building various structures for additional scoring. This is very basic worker placement, place a worker, collect a resource, or do an action. This is repeated throughout, with various little rule tweaks dependent on player count and what you have in your settlement (such as how many things you can store).

the river board game from days of wonder tldr board game review

The River board game – Boxart is a hint as to the style within

As a Days of Wonder game, the quality is beautiful, the only issue with my copy is slightly bowed player boards. Everything is clearly presented on the gorgeous board making teaching it a breeze. The components overall are great, with wooden pieces and nice thick tiles. There’s also some adorable touches such as wild turkeys acting as the ‘wild’ resource pieces. I just wish I could put my boat on the river, but it just ‘floats’ on the table beside your player board. Also tile stacks could obscure the vision of players on that side of the board. Those are tiny niggles however.

the river board game from days of wonder tldr board game review

The River from Days of Wonder – I want my boat is THE RIVER

The River is a beautiful light worker placement game that’s highly accessible. I’d say it’s ideal for families, or as a fun little warm-up game.

The River





  • Great Quality
  • Great for Families / Beginners
  • Easy to Learn / Play


  • May be too Simple for Some
  • Boats.. River!

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