Facing My Shame This Holiday Season – Article

After years of talking about it, this holiday I will be playing The Castles of Burgundy. I can hear the collective gasps of experienced board gamers shocked to hear that I have never even seen the game displayed on a table. Yet time and time again I have listened to people talk about it with such regard, some even professing it as their favourite of all time. As I left my standard, “I need to play this” on another in a line of Instagram pictures of the game, I decided that these holidays would not pass without me accomplishing that goal. Just writing these words I am instilled with a sense of purpose and direction in my life… at least for these holidays.

Already we have reviewed countless Instagramers and Youtubers posting their top board games out these holidays or espousing all the latest releases to stuff in a stocking or under the tree. These are all very exciting, and great to watch, but my challenge to you is to pick up a game from your collection that has gone unplayed, or rarely played, or borrow a game you are keen on from a friend, and go play it. It may not sound as exciting as buying the latest and greatest, but I think one of the virtues of this season is it’s continued call to appreciate what is right in front of us. Don’t get me wrong, of course, this first means family and friends, but why not put the breaks to the season’s materialism for a day and appreciate something already owned? I think a more satisfying life is only found in appreciating what we have and being grateful for the richness that we already have. So I might give the chase for new and latest releases this break and take some time to appreciate a true classic. After that? Who knows, perhaps one of the many games in my collection yet to be opened.

Perhaps you have a  game in your pile of shame, or your friend has one you have been keen on for a while. What games are on your pile of shame or what chase games you will be aiming to play these holiday. Tell us in the comments.


Author: NerdOfWisdom

Dave is a husband and a dad who loves to game. In gaming he seeks to build stronger communities. He loves to learn and think deeply about gaming with a mind to understanding the design process.

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  1. Concordia. Mine is, Concordia. I hang my head.

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