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WizKids has just announced the latest game from designer J.B. Howell (Reavers of Midgard). Chiyo’s Secret is “a hidden role deduction game that has players deciding the fate of a pair of star-crossed fugitive lovers at the climax of their epic love story”.

chiyos secret game from wizkids

Chiyo’s Secret … secret lovers.. well it’s different from.. murdery.

This sounds like yet another standard hidden role game, with some players working toward one goal and others another. Using yes or no questions can you deduce who the fugitive lovers are? Will they meet a tragic end or live happily ever after.

Chiyo’s Secret is available February, 2019 (US).

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  1. Ηow many hidden role games do we need? We still play the original werewolf and that’s all you need. Most of the followups are pointless, this will be yet another.

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