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Super popular 2016 strategy game Santorini is headed to mobile. An iOS and Android version is in the works that will feature regular play and a new single-player variant called “Odyssey”.

Santorini was published from Roxley Games and garnered great reviews. The adorable board, beautiful building pieces and gorgeous artwork saw the title nominated for various tabletop game awards.

santorini ios and android app in the works

Like the board game, the App looks gorgeous, but microtransactions? Ugh.

No release date as yet, but the closed beta is well underway. Sadly feedback from those taking part seems to suggest the app is free to download on release and then “choke-filled with microtransactions, paywalls and timelocks” (Source Branko K). Hopefully they’ll fix that, we’d rather pay for an app than put up with that stuff, how about you?

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