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Z-Man Games has released “Party Bugs” a quick card game for 2-6 players, perfect for the whole family. Pre-order your copy today through our website or your local retailers!

In Party Bugs, these costumed cockroaches are determined to get their groove on. They can’t resist the music and the shiny disco ball! As more cockroaches show up to the party and move to the dance floor, players will try to control the chaotic party, taking the smaller and less disruptive bugs.

Party Bugs card game from Z-Man Games

Get your Studio 54 pants on, it’s time for Party Bugs

Not gonna lie, when I first saw this pop up around September last year in a press release, I thought it was one of the Kakerlaken series of card games, there’s a similar vibe here. If it looks like your cup of tea it’s now available from Z-Man Games.

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