My Favorite Tabletop Games of 2018 – Video

I didn’t get to play a lot of the games I wanted to that came out last year, mainly due to the time involved. For that reason this list is a little on the light side, but these are the top ten board games / tabletop games I loved playing in 2018. I played a lot with family and non gamers last year, so this list has a lot of family type games on it.

I genuinely believe these are some of the best games that released last year, especially if you’ve got non gamers and family that you like to play with from time to time. Let me know what you think in the comments, what were your favorite games of 2018?

Author: GirlyGamer

Old school nerd. Tabletop RPG'er from way back, board gaming superfan, video gamer, Nerf modder, science-fiction TV fangirl and all things geek! Catch me on YouTube/Nerfenstein

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